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Auckland based arborists – all aspects of tree care including tree removals, reductions and trimming, view restoration, land clearing

Services we offer

Tree Tops have more than 7 years experience in technical removals. We are fully insured.

We have a number of stump grinding options available remove all types of tree stumps to complete the job.

We have access to diggers, tractors and cranes to make land clearing quick and efficient.

Monitoring and supervision of tree work around construction sites. Consent Application assistance.

Open up your view or property to allow for extra sunlight.

We recommend an annual prune on trees to keep them healthy and at a manageable level.

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About us

We are a family-owned business based in West Auckland and travel Auckland-wide. With five truck and chipper units, we are a small friendly team of qualified arborists. You’re guaranteed top-quality work when dealing with Tree Tops. Tree Tops launched in August 2015, by Zach Fell and Amanda Mellick.

Insured, qualified, and council-approved arborist contractors.

Initially, we were based from our family home in Glen Eden. The piles of mulch and firewood quickly became too much and we moved into our new yard in Railside Avenue, Henderson in 2016.

We have all of the equipment necessary to complete a job in a quick and efficient manner. Investing in the best equipment to get the job done is what we take pride in.

Our truck and chipper will be brought on-site to remove all tree debris, leaving behind a clean and tidy area. Our various digger options are an added bonus and can help take out tree roots or other debris on the worksite.

We also have a couple of stump grinders on hand that can be used to completely remove a tree stump to below ground level. This means that you can replant or build on top. We highly recommend stump grinding after removing a tree, this allows you to reuse the space where the tree once stood.

Zach Fell (yes, that is his real name!) comes from a 12-year background in arboriculture, large technical removals are his ultimate favourite type of job. He enjoys every day being challenging and different.

Safety of our worksite and surrounding areas is our top priority at all times. However, even with the best prevention unexpected things can happen. Because of this, we have cover for 5 million dollars in public liability insurance.