Stump Grinding

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After getting a tree removed we highly recommend that you also get your tree stumps ground out. This allows you to reclaim your property and re-soil/grass seed. We can also complete the job by putting down the top soil and grass seed at a small cost.

Tree Tops can tackle any sized tree stump. We have a number of options when it comes to stump grinding, one option is using a larger grinder which is on track rollers, or by using a smaller hand-held grinder for reaching those tight hard to-reach spots.

Tree Tops is more than happy to provide a discount for a job which includes both the tree removal and stump grinding.

The wood chips from grinding the stump can either be left on site and spread around or we are happy to remove it from your property.

Call us today for a free no-obligation quote to remove your tree stumps, you’ll be surprised at the low cost and be left wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

For an average sized tree stump (approximately an arm-width circumference) it is around $250+gst for stump grinding. This will take the stump 150-200mm below ground level.

Services we offer

Tree Tops have more than 7 years experience in technical removals. We are fully insured

We have a number of stump grinding options available remove all types of tree stumps to complete the job.

We have access to diggers, tractors and cranes to make land clearing quick and efficient

Monitoring and supervision of tree work around construction sites. Consent Application assistance

Open up your view or property to allow for extra sunlight.

We recommend an annual prune on trees to keep them healthy and at a manageable level