Tree Removal

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At Tree Tops – Professional Tree Care we take pride in our safe work practices.
We have many years experience removing trees from all types of difficult areas. We have the equipment available to safely remove trees with no or minimal damage to other plants, property or fencing. A Hiiab crane can be used to remove trees if they are in particularly tight areas, the use of cranes makes the work quick which can often cut down on the over all cost of the job – less ‘man’ hours required.

We highly recommend getting tree stumps grinded down once they are removed, this allows you to reuse that piece of land where the tree was removed. Once a stump is ground down to below ground level you can put down soil and grass seed – lets be honest, tree stumps don’t look the best. Let us know if you’re wanting the stump removed too, we have a stump grinder that is on tracks so can get into most hard to reach spots.

Tree Tops will usually give a few option when pricing up a job, some options are below;

  • Taking down the tree by climbing it and using ropes and pulleys – leaving the log wood on site but removing all smaller brush and debris using a chipper. This option is great if you’re wanting to keep the wood for fire wood, or you can fob it off to friends, family or your neighbours. This is our most cost effective option. Mulch can be left on site to be used around your property, or we can remove it from site.
  •  Taking down the tree by climbing it and using ropes and pulleys – removing all log wood and tree debris from the property. This option is great if you’re wanting the job done and dusted (don’t have to get your hand dirty – leave that for us!).
  • Taking down the tree using a Hiiab or cherry picker. This option is recommended if the tree is in a hard to reach spot. Minimal risk to property and or the general public.

Services we offer

Tree Tops have more than 7 years experience in technical removals. We are fully insured

We have a number of stump grinding options available remove all types of tree stumps to complete the job.

We have access to diggers, tractors and cranes to make land clearing quick and efficient

Monitoring and supervision of tree work around construction sites. Consent Application assistance

Open up your view or property to allow for extra sunlight.

We recommend an annual prune on trees to keep them healthy and at a manageable level